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Grant Evaluation Report

CCEFPlease note: Grant recipients are required to complete a grant evaluation report at the end of the grant cycle.


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Grant Recipient First Name:

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School / Location:



Project Start Date:

Project End Date:

Amount of Grant:

For what purpose was the grant used?

Did this grant help in leveraging funds or in-kind contributions from other sources? Please specify.

How were the funds from this grant actually expended? (Provide appropriate documentation.)

Supporting Documentation for Previous Question (PDF format, 2MB upload limit)

In what ways has this grant affected the quality of education of the target population?

In what ways have you shared your experience and publicized this grant? (Provide clips or photos where appropriate.)

Supporting Documentation for Previous Question (PDF format, 2MB upload limit)

To what extent have the objectives been realized?

What aspects of your grant solicitation experience were positive or negative?

What could we improve on?

What factors contributed to the success of impeded progress?

What were the major outcomes, unanticipated benefits, or statistics?

Will this project have continuing operating expenses, and if so, how will you sustain it?


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