The last couple of weeks, we have been discussing the power that your donations have on the students of Cherokee County. Last week in our blog, When Little Ears are Straining to Listen, we went into the details of an IMPACT grant that went towards devices that helped students who may have auditory struggles hear their teachers and classmates better. This helped students focus better and gave them a fun way to contribute to classroom conversations. This week, we will be discussing another approved grant that has helped students develop additional skills. This program will ultimately help students obtain skills that will help them as they head into high school, higher education, and the workforce.


If you haven't heard of Makerspace before, it can be a lab, STEM center, craft area, tech room, art station, or a combination of all of these things! In this case, the grant works towards facilitating the growth of students' 21st-century learning skills. This can help them immerse themselves in real-world project-based learning which promotes collaborative workspace for creating, learning, understanding, and sharing. The hope is that Makerspace will help students develop higher-order thinking skills.
To learn more about Makerspace, Kennesaw State University's MakerBus will be invited to the school to do STEM activities with the students. This MakerBus is led by KSU's iTeach unit and is a mobile classroom/laboratory where students can participate in hands-on projects and activities. A few teachers will also attend this activity to get information for reteaching and coaching purposes. With this information, they plan to start a club or initiative at the school, in which students use 21st-century learning skills to strengthen their education.

Long-Term Goals  

As information is obtained regarding Makerspace, the hope is that teachers will be able to use this tool to enhance the learning process for students. Through Makerspace, learning is centered around the students, and the teacher becomes a facilitator of learning. The objectives included:

  • Complete graduating class legacy project 
  • Spread awareness of Makerspace among teachers
  • Provide coaching opportunities for teachers to incorporate Makerspace into their classrooms

Through this program, students are shown that learning doesn't always take place in textbooks and homework. Sometimes learning can happen through art, fun experiments, or a number of other creative outlets. This school has certainly captured the importance of forward-thinking teaching philosophies to implement for their students. 

These opportunities would not be available if it weren't for the generosity of our donors! We want to thank all of those who have contributed, big or small! If you would like to learn more about the foundation, click here or perhaps consider donating, so we can continue to make grants like this one a reality!