It's FINALLY spring! It's been a cold, rainy winter and if you're like us, you're ready for it to warm up! Both you and your children have probably been itching to get outside because no one likes being stuck inside all of the time! As spring peeks out, we find that we often "freeze" up and don't know what to do outside. To help you get a spark of motivation, we've compiled 8 ideas for outdoor activities!

Picnic. If you're wanting to venture out a little bit more, pack up a picnic and take it to a park with your kids. You can also do a picnic in your back or front yard if you want to stay closer to home. This is a great way to get outside with your family and mix it up a little bit! 

Walk/Bike Ride. Get out and get moving. Evening walks or bike rides around the neighborhood or park are great ways to get some fresh air and unwind from the day. 

Decorate Flowerpots. Everyone loves a good art project! Purchase some flowerpots and spend time decorating them with your kids. You can use stickers, paint, or other materials so your child can personalize their flowerpot. Any outdoor-related art projects are always fun! Other options are chalk, various painting activities, bubble art, or anything that sparks your child's interest. 

Garden. This is such an awesome outdoor activity to invest in with your children and you can even use the flowerpots we just talked about. Not only are they getting good outside time, but they're also learning valuable lessons that could stick with them for the rest of their lives. If you're feeling ambitious, you can reinforce some of what they learned in science class and discuss the biology of plants. If you need some resources, click here. 

Backyard Camping. If you're looking for a great weekend activity, look no further! Backyard camping can be a blast as it features all of the fun parts of camping without having to pack up all of your gear, get in the car, and go find a camping spot. This is another opportunity to teach your child some valuable skills. 

Car Wash. If it's warm enough, a car wash is a great way to be productive while playing in the water. This shows kids that chores can be fun and is a great way to teach them how to take care of a car so they can be ready when they have their own! 

Outdoor Workout. A workout can be a variety of things. You can run laps as a family, do yoga, play a sport, or find other creative family workouts that get energy out in a healthy way. Not to mention, it can help keep you accountable to your workout goals too! 

Bonfire/Grill Out. Can you say, "s'mores please"? Especially as you're waiting for the chilly edge of spring to turn into summer, this is a great way to get out of the house – not to mention, there's less to cook inside! Make a fire, grill out, and enjoy the evening. 

Memories That Last a Lifetime 

You never know what could make a lasting impression on your child. These memories are what your children may tell their children years down the road. It doesn't have to be a weeklong vacation or something you spend tons of money on. Sometimes it's the little things that stick with children. Cling to the memories you make this spring!