We're just a few days away from the deadline for CCEF Impact grants. In case you need some help pulling your grant together – here are some pointers on how to make your grant application stand out! 

Follow Directions 

​You have probably heard it all of your life – or you may have even emphasized to students the importance of following directions. Now is the time to put these wise words to use. Be sure to read the instructions on the application and follow them. It will likely make it easier when the grants are being decided upon. Instead of focusing on your idea and plans, the board might take more notice of the instructions that weren't adhered to. Make everyone's life easier and follow the directions.

Be Specific  

You're trying to convince someone that your plan is well thought out, and will be highly beneficial for either teachers, students, or both. In order to accomplish this, we want to hear your plans! Be specific so the evaluator knows exactly what the grant money would be going towards. Paint a picture of what the problem is, and how your proposal will solve that problem. In this situation, more information is better.

Beware of Jargon 

Through this application process, you want to seem relatable. Your goal should be to clearly explain what the money will be going towards. If you get caught up in using jargon or terms that only you know, the evaluator may be wary of your application. Work hard to make your proposal looks intelligent and presentable but know your audience. Bonus tip: Try communicating your intentions in a heartfelt way. Keep it simple!

Tell a Story 

 You're asking for a sum of money and you want to appeal to the evaluator. Don't just ask for money, tell the story of the students, teachers, department, or wherever this grant would be applied. Human emotions are a powerful thing – use that! You can even make the numbers part of the story. There's nothing wrong with an Impact grant application that tugs at the heartstrings.

Define Success 

This can be done through the problem and solution scenario previously discussed. What will constitute success? Will it improve test scores? Increase student engagement? Provide additional teacher resources? Whatever it may be, make sure you clearly define how this grant will help cultivate success. Be as transparent and clear as possible.

Be Confident  

Confidence is key. Show that you're qualified to see this project through to its completion. Confidence is half the battle when it comes to requesting money – show that you have worked hard to formulate your plan and that you're the best person to complete the job!

We wish the Cherokee County Schools District teachers and administrators the best of luck as you continue to write your Impact grant proposal. Don't forget the deadline is January 10, 2020. To fill out the Impact grant application, click here