By: Lisa-Marie Haygood 

Each summer, supporters of Cherokee County Educational Foundation (CCEF) are encouraged to travel with their CCEF t-shirts and capture photos near and far. They submit their travel pictures to the On the Road with CCEF contest, and the person who travels the greatest distance is awarded a $300 gift card. A drawing is held for an additional $100 gift card from all other entries. 

It's fun to see the travel submission from all around the glove, and there is usually a very clear winner. Last year, Cherokee HS Vice Principal Liz Spell won the contest with a photo of her holding a koala bear in Queensland, Australia.

This year, the contest took a fun turn when two contestants submitted travel to two different countries, and the difference in the distance each traveled was a mere five miles. The Foundation decided to award both contestants a $300 gift card. Congratulations to Marla Knott and Anita Nations!

Marla is a graduate of Creekview HS (2015), and the daughter of Ruth Knott, gifted resource teacher at Avery ES, and Doug Knott, principal at Liberty ES. During a study abroad with Converse College, Marla took her CCEF T-shirt 8,680 miles away to Flordland National Park, New Zealand.

Anita is a special education facilitator at Macedonia ES and Ralph Bunche Preschool. She traveled to Manila, Philippines, carrying the CCEF message to "Make the positive so loud the negative can't be heard."

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Lisa-Marie Haygood is the executive director for the Cherokee County Educational Foundation