Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and we want to take this opportunity to thank those that contribute to the Foundation. Donors are an important part of the program here at the Cherokee County Educational Foundation. Without them, we would not be able to make an impact on the Cherokee County School District. From Teacher of the Year programs to school-based projects targeting at-risk students, we are determined to make Cherokee County a hub for public education. However, this can't be done overnight, and certainly can't be done without the generosity of our donors. But, why do they do it? Read below to see three reasons people give.

Relate to the Cause  

While there are certainly donors that give to charities that have no relation to them, it is more often that you'll find a donor that has some form of a background with the organization or the cause. For example, donors that are a product of the Cherokee County School District might give because Cherokee County is a part of their story. According to Charities Aid Foundation, "75% of people identified with a specific cause they felt passion towards." Being able to relate to a cause is a huge part of deciding where to donate. Lisa-Marie Haygood, Executive Director of CCEF stated, "We are all touched in some way by our public schools. Some went to school here, some work here, some have current students in the district, others have employees or are served by former students. Everyone has some degree of buy in to ensure we continue on our current trajectory of excellence."


For some people, they believe it's their life's work to help others. This means that they believe in the mission. Mission-oriented donors are often invested long-term contingent upon if the organization gains their trust and shows that the donated money is truly going towards helping people or causes.

Connects Us 

Being willing to give of your hard-earned money is something that shouldn't be taken lightly. Many donors jump right in to help others without a second thought. Sometimes donors can directly see the impact of their generosity, and other times they have a more indirect impact. Either way, it gives a sense of humanness and connection. Those that were helped feel seen and valued and are likely to go on and help others when they have the means to. While this isn't the only reason for donating, it certainly helps knowing your generosity could go on to inspire someone else to be generous as well.

Thank You  

As we get closer to the end of 2019, we want to thank all of our donors who have given so graciously. Our donors are constantly showing up whether it be the Celebration of Education Gala, the Golf Classic, buying t-shirts, AmazonSmile, or any other fundraiser. Your generosity has not gone unnoticed, and you are helping change the course of the Cherokee County School District. Students are receiving opportunities and second chances they would have never been able to have otherwise. Teachers are being appreciated and thus are becoming better mentors for their students. It's a chain-reaction and it all starts with our donors. 

Ms. Haygood went on to say, "The Foundation was built by committed business leaders, school officials, and neighborhood volunteers to ensure we could continue to provide innovative resources for our teachers and students. Cherokee County is unique because all of our public schools are excellent, each and every one. People choose to move here because it is a great place to raise families and work. There is nothing accidental about that excellence. It stems from a commitment to support all of our students." 

Once again, thank you to all who make improvement possible! If you are not already a donor of CCEF and would like to become one, you can donate online or contact us!

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