The Cherokee County Educational Foundation relies solely on the generosity of donors to sponsor initiatives that will help make the Cherokee County School District be at its best. We ask for donations year-round, but the heart of Giving Tuesday aligns with the reason CCEF asks for donations – to help make the world a better place. Giving Tuesday is a movement that focuses on generosity not just regionally or nationally – but on a global level. This movement strongly believes that together, we can bring some light to a world that can sometimes seem dark. As humans, we crave connection and community, and this community is created through small and large acts of kindness and generosity.

In the words of Benjamin Franklin,  "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." Education is something that can truly make a difference in the lives of so many. It can't be taken away from the recipient once given and has the ability to inspire future scientists, writers, doctors, artists, CEOs, and beyond. The holiday season is crazy for everyone, but the end of the year is an optimal time to donate. You can spend the rest of your budget before the year's end while also helping a cause that is dedicated to helping the students and faculty of the Cherokee County School District.

If nothing else, show kindness today. Use Giving Tuesday as a reminder that we're all working towards goals and fighting battles – make someone's burden a little lighter or help them reach their goals whether it be through actions or monetary contributions.

So, as we celebrate Giving Tuesday, please consider donating to CCEF or learn more about the foundation. We are so thankful for all who have contributed thus far and for all that is to come. 

In the coming weeks, be sure to look out for our series of blogs on IMPACT grants that have been at work in Cherokee County. We want you to see where your money is going to and how you're making a direct impact on classrooms across Cherokee County!