Rapid Grants

The Cherokee County Educational Foundation is dedicated to supporting the students and staff of the Cherokee County School District. It is our goal to provide opportunities for growth and innovation while giving teachers and students the tools they need to make learning exciting. We offer rapid grants with the hope to provide funding for needs as they present themselves throughout the school year.

Eligible Applicants

All Cherokee County School District faculty are eligible to submit their request for a rapid grant for up to $500.

Submission and Approval Dates

The CCEF rapid grant is open throughout the entirety of the school year for CCSD faculty to request funding. Upon submission of your application, the grant will be considered by the CCEF board after it’s been approved by the CCSD Curriculum & Instruction Department, Technology Department, and the Chief Financial Officer of the Cherokee County School District.

Note: Cherokee County Educational Foundation is currently unable to provide funding for iPads.  All iPads within CCSD are managed by the district to protect all students' privacy and security.

Rapid Grant Examples

We love to see our teachers getting creative with their curriculum and creating an engaging, hands-on experience for CCSD students. Some examples of activities that may be made possible by a rapid grant include:

  • Inviting an author to speak to students
  • An in-school field trip
  • Science lab projects

The Cherokee County Educational Foundation is so proud of CCSD students and teachers and can’t wait to see the rapid grant money at work within our schools.
If you would like to donate to CCEF in order to make rapid grants like these possible, click here.