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CCEF Looks into Classrooms Around the World

For 5 days a week, our students go to class. They may have one classroom, or multiple. Sometimes they change every hour. Sometimes the classroom is at home. Either way, most of us have a very clear idea of what a "classroom" looks like when we're told to picture one in our head.

It's important to remember that the classroom can look different for everyone. And the most important part of a classroom is learning and the connections our students make. Classrooms look different in every part of the world, or even within one country. And each classroom is essential to a child's growth and development. Today, Cherokee County Educational Foundation wants to take a look into just a few of the different classrooms around the world

Let's Take a Trip 

This primary school in the Afar Region has a classroom in Ethiopia with just over 65 students enrolled in its Accelerated Readiness program. The teacher sits cross legged across from the students as she teaches. Ethiopia has made incredible progress in its education system- as enrollment has tripled between 2000-2016!
2. India
In a majority of classrooms in India, there is still an expectation to follow and observe traditional rituals. The schools are also reliant on structure for their success. Pictured is a classroom of young girls, all in matching uniforms
3. France
In France, the classrooms are a little bit more relaxed. While the learning days are generally longer than other European classrooms, the classes don't require uniforms or as much structure.
4. Japan

In most Japanese schools, the students will stay in one classroom throughout the whole day. There are a few exceptions: PE, music, and art. Instead, teachers make their rounds to each classroom throughout the day! 

5. England

Pictured here is the Harrow School, in Middlesex, England. While this school is one of incredible notability, it is not uncommon for schools to require uniforms.

6. Brazil

In Brazil, lots of classrooms have shifted to blended learning due to shortages in teaching staff. Meaning, the teachers and students work together to help teach their fellow pupils. 

7. Philippines

In countless places around the world, there is a shortage of classrooms or teachers. In the Philippines, class doesn't stop while a new school building is waiting for completion. Here is a teacher hosting her class in the hallway. 

No matter where we go in the world, we can all find commonalities. While each country, city, and town are unique in their culture and circumstance, one thing we all share is our passion to never stop teaching the youth. And likely, the passions of the students to never stop learning. 

Despite roadblocks or difficulties, the classroom remains a safe haven for countless students around the world. It is a place where one can go to explore ideas, discuss big opinions, and make connections with others. Many places around the world are struggling to gain access to adequate education. Which is why Cherokee County Educational Foundation commits to funding impactful and innovative education initiatives in the Cherokee County School District. 

 We want each and every one of our students to be impacted in a positive way when they attend school. To continue our efforts, we rely on donations from CCEF supporters. If you'd like to donate to CCEF, click below!

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