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Rapid Grant Recipients Spotlight

In this Rapid Grant Recipients Spotlight, we highlight the dedicated teachers at Cherokee County School District who aim to enrich their class resources and students' learning. The educators exemplify the spirit of dedication in their pursuit of enhancing the learning experience for their students. Their creative proposals and commitment to the educational well-being of their schools have earned them a place in the spotlight. 

Ginger Morgan – Little River Elementary School

Ginger Morgan, Assistant Principal at Little River Elementary School, is passionate about creating a calming and safe space for students within her school. Ginger understands the need for spaces that nurture mental health and well-being. She aims to transform a corner of her classroom into a space that allows the students to reset, calm emotions, and return to focused learning or activities with peers. 

Allison Davis – Holly Springs Elementary School

As a part of Holly Springs Elementary's CARES committee, Allison Davis is committed to securing resources for preschool classrooms in CCSD. Allison's rapid grant will provide high-quality SEL resources to all students without needing to purchase items themselves, monitor student progress to ensure growth and expand their team's support. 

Jennifer Schroter – Indian Knoll Elementary School

Regarding student learning, Jennifer Schroter, a dedicated 4th-grade teacher at Indian Knoll Elementary, wants to enrich her students' learning experiences by providing hands-on activities to explore the intricate dynamics of predator-prey relationships and the food web. These activities will allow her students to engage with the subject and foster a deeper understanding actively. 

Jennifer Henderson – Boston Elementary School

Jennifer Henderson, a teacher at Boston Elementary School, is passionate about creating a positive learning environment that motivates students to exhibit good conduct and diligence in their studies. Jennifer's rapid grant will provide supplies for a Kindness Kart, which includes beverages, snacks, fun office supplies, fidgets, and sensory items. The compass and communicate students can earn the chance to help with the Kindness Kart based on their behavior for the week. Jennifer aims to expand on their self-contained students' social and life skills. 

Heather Staples – Indian Knoll Elementary School

When it comes to student growth, Heather Staples, a 2nd grade teacher at Indian Knoll Elementary, knows how important hands-on learning is for engagement. That's why her rapid grant will serve nearly 75 students to help model ELA and math concepts. ELA games, privacy partitions, whiteboards, and magnetic resources are some of the fantastic tools that Heather's students will utilize to form deeper connections to these essential concepts.

Deena Hutson – Teasley Middle School

Deena Hutson, a dedicated teacher at Teasley Middle School, aspires to put her rapid grant towards rewards for her students to encourage positive behaviors in the classroom. These rewards incentivize students to exhibit kindness, diligence, and academic success. She recognizes that positive reinforcement is a powerful tool in shaping students and aims to create a supportive and motivated learning environment in her classroom. 

Tina Plousis – Hickory Flat Elementary School

When Tina Plousis pictures her students at Hickory Flat Elementary, she envisions future technology gurus from our Cherokee County schools. As one of the latest rapid grant recipients, Tina's grant will empower her young students in computer coding, experimentation, problem-solving, and more! With the help of her new rapid grant, Tina's students will learn about coding sequences using coding mice, taking their problem-solving skills and pattern recognition to new heights!

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