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12 Safe and Fun Summer Activities for Kids

Earlier this year, many parents went from helping their children with homework to becoming full-time learning facilitators as schools closed their doors and sent children to complete their school year at home. Upon initial closure, we didn't know this would be the last time our students would step foot in classrooms for the remainder of the school year and parents weren't quite prepared for the constant teaching and entertaining of stir-crazy children. As the school year ended, so did your student's primary occupation. We know that many parents are on the lookout for fun and safe activities for the whole family so we compiled a list of 12 activities you can do at home!

1. Backyard Campfire

Use this as a teaching opportunity and show your kids how to build a campfire and mention some fire safety tips along the way.

 2. S'mores Bar

Since you already have a campfire, go the extra mile and make up a s'mores bar! Set up a table and give the kids a variety of choices for crafting their perfect s'more!

3. Outside Fort 

Forts can be made out of a variety of materials – get creative! You'll have a cool project and the perfect place for the kids to hang out. 

4. Find a Pen Pal + Write Letters 

Text messages are cool, but nothing beats the feeling of getting a letter or card from a friend or family member. Choose a pen pal and get your child to writing!

5. Make a Bingo Game

You can print a bingo game or even create one yourself. Make it extra fun by giving the winner a prize whether it be a sweet treat or a break from a certain chore for a day. It will be fun for the whole family!

6. Movie Night in a Tent

Do you have a projector on hand? Set up a tent on a nice night, hang a sheet inside, and project a movie. After all of the movies you probably watched over quarantine, this is a great way to make it special. Bonus points for a picnic dinner and a movie.

7. Make a Bottle Rocket 

Bottle rockets are awesome science experiments! To learn how to make one, click here. Safety is of course of the utmost importance so make sure this activity is closely monitored. 

8. Indoor Campout 

Are summer storms keeping you locked up in the house? Consider an indoor campout! Messes last for hours, but memories last for a lifetime – embrace the chaos! 

9. Make Ice Cream

Try out some ice cream recipes and enjoy the results. It's a great way for children to learn and get gratification from the experience. Who wouldn't want to put in the work and be rewarded by homemade ice cream?

10. Cooking Lessons 

While you're in the mood to create, give your kids some cooking lessons. It's a skill that will serve them well in life, and it's a fun pass time. Learn how to Teach Your Kids to Cook by Age.

11. DIY Chalk Bombs

If there's no mess, there's no fun, right? This holds true for these DIY chalk bombs. You can either make them with water balloons or sponges. Throw them in the driveway, enjoy your art, and you can either let the rain wash it away or hose it down. 

12. Backyard Water Park

Sprinklers, small pools, water balloons, water guns, slip 'n slides, you name it. Click here for additional ideas for your backyard water park.

We hope you can find some inspiration as you try to keep your children entertained this summer. Stay strong and creative – we believe in you! 

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