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8 Teacher Appreciation Ideas

Teachers were superheroes long before COVID-19. They spent years in school preparing to be teachers. They love their students and spend time fretting over if they have food when they get home, whether they understand the material, and if they're going to do well on their tests. However, teachers who had been in the classroom for decades were suddenly forced to relearn how to teach. New teachers spent years learning how to manage a classroom but are now having to manage a Zoom call instead. It's safe to say that teachers are exhausted even as many have returned to in-person learning. Thanksgiving is next week and in the spirit of giving thanks, we wanted to share some unique ways to make your child's teachers feel appreciated in the midst of tough times.


Sometimes parents tend to only reach out to teachers when their child is struggling. Or perhaps parents only talk to their student's teacher at the request of the teacher when there is a learning or behavioral issue. However, what if you took the time to contact the teacher when they were doing something really well? Engaging with your child's teacher can make them feel seen and even create more space for more parent/teacher collaboration.

Encourage Students to Make Art

You would be surprised how much teachers love receiving art from their students. Whether it's a picture, poem, song, or photography, your student can find a way to put their skills to work and make their teacher feel special. Pair it with a little note and you'll be sure to make a teacher's day!

Write Thank You Notes 

Technology makes this especially easy these days. You can send a handwritten thank you note to school with your child to give to their teacher or even type up an email letting the teacher know how appreciated they are. Though it may not seem like much, it can really inspire both new and experienced teachers to keep going even when the going gets tough. 

Send a Gift Card 

If you want to send your child's teacher a little something extra, a gift card is always an excellent option. Some of the best gift cards for teachers are: 

  • Amazon
  • Target
  • Restaurant
  • Local shop
  • Starbucks

Make a Home Video 

Get the whole family involved and make a home video of you and your child verbalizing what they love most about their teacher and what you appreciate most about them as well. This takes a thank you note to the next level and is sure to be something your child's teacher will remember for a very long time. Warm-up your movie editing skills and get to filming! 

Have Flowers Delivered

If your child's teacher loves flowers, you can even have flowers delivered to their classroom as a "thank you" for their hard work and dedication towards your child's education. This would be an awesome surprise and is a great way to show the teacher that they are making an impact on your child's life. 

Ask What They Need 

Some teachers may have supply needs that they're not quite able to meet themselves. If you want to be incredibly helpful, you can contact the teacher and ask if there are any supplies they need as a teacher or for the classroom. Having a parent reach out and purchase needed items can often be the biggest help and take some weight off the teacher's shoulders. 

Notify the School Administrator 

If you feel it appropriate, contacting the school's administrator can be an excellent way of letting your child's teacher know he or she is appreciated. While giving a gift or sending a note can directly impact the teacher, notifying his or her boss of the teacher's excellence can help the teacher out in the long run and may reap benefits in the future. 

Always Appreciate 

Teacher appreciation shouldn't be limited to one week or right before the holidays. There are so many unique ways that parents and students can team together to make teachers feel special. Especially after this year, they deserve it. When you notice your child's teacher being exceptional, take it one step farther and make it known. You never know how much an act of kindness could change someone's day, week, or life for the better.

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