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Tips for Teachers: Sneaking Mindfulness Into Your Busy Day

More than likely, we have all experienced that "running around like a chicken with our head cut off" feeling on more than one occasion. If you are a teacher, that feeling is one we are certain you know all too well. Especially this time of year, with Spring break just behind us and Summertime looming on the horizon, students and teachers alike can start to feel more restless than usual.

While it can be all too easy to feel yourself get stressed out, it's essential to take the time to manage it throughout the day. When we get stressed, sometimes our heads can get cloudy, we might not be as productive as we typically are, and we can act on emotions without thinking. Taking the time to practice mindfulness in the classroom lets you get the moment you need to regroup, breathe, and relax your mind to show up for your students the way you want to.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the process of connecting with your own emotions and thoughts. It's a way for us to organize our headspace in a few moments by focusing on our breathing and connecting with ourselves. It sounds similar to meditation because it is! Mindfulness can be practiced by taking a few discrete moments to yourself, which can have a big impact on your emotional well-being throughout the day. A teacher who takes care of their emotional well-being can promote calm and positive feelings in the classroom, which is essential for productive encouragement in the student-teacher relationship.

Cherokee County Educational Foundation's desire to cultivate and grow the minds of our students starts with taking care of those who work so hard to make an impact every single day. The feelings, emotions, and stress levels of teachers should always be taken seriously. We've put together a few of our favorite tips to sneak some mindfulness into your busy days in the classroom. Use these tips when you're feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or just need a minute to breathe!

Tips for Mindfulness  

1.Breathe deeply
Don't get so caught up in your day that you forget to take slow, controlled breaths. If you need to excuse yourself to the bathroom, hallway, or even your desk to take a moment to breath, do so! Taking big, deep breaths with intention has an almost instant calming effect on our stress levels.

1.Relish in the Quiet
Maybe it's between classes, you're in the library, or alone in the hallway, wherever you are, take a moment to listen to the quiet. Teacher's days are full of hustle and bustle, so listen to the quiet when you get a chance! You might be surprised how much better you start to feel. 

1.Use Your Sense of Smell
If your school allows fragrances, keep a small oil diffuser with calming scents in your classroom! Smell is a powerful tool, and a great way to relax your mind when things start to get a little crazy. 

Cherokee County Educational Foundation wants to give the teachers and staff of Cherokee County School District a massive thank you for all that you do for our students and our community. Teaching can be hard and stressful at times, but the profession is full of some of the most altruistic, dedicated individuals we have had the pleasure of working with. Thank you for all that you do! The community is so proud of each and every one of you.

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