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What is STEAM Curriculum?

Cherokee County Educational Foundation's dedication to funding different programs and initiatives in the Cherokee County School District spans across many different programs, ideas, and functions. A huge part of our mission is our promise of transparency in what we fund with your donations and how your support sends ripples across the community.

CCEF wants to take the time to encourage our community to learn about new educational opportunities and explore the endless possibilities that come with fresh approaches. Among the many programs we support, STEAM is one that has a huge impact on our students and their futures.

While STEM has had the spotlight for a while, STEAM ceases the opportunity to incorporate and encourage creative skills that are necessary to navigating real world situations. In fact, many regard STEAM curriculum as one of the most important educational approaches of the 21st century. This approach uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics for guiding inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking among students. STEAM education differs from STEM in that it incorporates and emphasizes the arts as a part of its philosophy. The arts include humanities, language arts, dance, music, drama, and more!

Why is STEAM important?

The STEAM education model lets students explore ways of thinking, learning, and processing in a way that is not only practical, but has the addition of thoughtful risks, meaningful discourse, and working through the creative process. Each one of these skills is essential to a child's development through school and will greatly enhance their ability to navigate real world scenarios in their future work and home lives.  

STEAM education empowers students to explore their creativity to find solutions in all areas of study. Not only does it facilitate skill development in school subjects, but studies consistently find that students who explore the creative side of their brain will be better at managing their stress, coping with emotions, and enhancing their self-awareness. Essentially, STEAM produces hard and soft skill development for students at every level.

This model of learning lets students play music, act in theater, learn through a hands-on approach, draw, paint, write, and keeps their minds open to the endless career opportunities that await them when they begin their careers!  

STEAM in the Cherokee County School District  

CCSD has a few officially certified STEAM schools! Each STEAM and STEM school is recognized and certified by the state after meeting a certain set of requirements. It's incredibly important that we, as a community, inspire continued advancements within our school district. As we learn more about different approaches in education, we can better understand and shape our curriculum to benefit the students of today.  

The students in the Cherokee County School District are some of the best and brightest in our state, and even the nation! It is CCEF's honor to dedicate our time to finding ways to continually motivate and uplift the students, staff, and teachers of the district. We know that every word, every opportunity, and every dollar count toward making a difference in the lives of our diverse community!  

We are so grateful to every single person who donates to CCEF. Your support means we can continue to vitalize and bring life to programs like STEAM, the CHOICE Program, and our Rapid and Impact Grants! If you'd like to make a donation, click the button below.  

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